Specialist Vehicle Conversions

We have been converting and enhancing vehicles to perform a wide variety of tasks for over twenty years. We can adapt your vehicle or supply a new one to fulfill any specific job you require - anything from a recreational MPV to a mobile laboratory or workshop, whatever you want we can produce it.

Our conversions are recognised by leading manufacturers including Renault, Vauxhall, Mercedes, Peugeot, Citroen and Fiat. Our build quality is excellent as you would expect from a team of highly trained and experienced designers and engineers, using the best materials available.

Although the potential list is endless, here are a few examples of the vehicles we produce:

  • Mobile Offices
  • Mobile Training Units
  • PC and Internet Training Units
  • Mobile Control Centres
  • Disaster Recovery Units
  • Briefing/Conference Rooms
  • CCTV Surveillance Units
  • Mobile Laboratories
  • Mobile Workshops
  • Mobile Welfare Units

If you have a project involving a vehicle requiring specialist conversion, we would be delighted to advise and assist you in the planning.

For more information regarding specialist vehicle conversions and fit-outs, please contact us.

Renault Specialist Vehicle Conversion

Renault Specialist Vehicle Conversion